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KinTrans Hands Can Talk uses AI to learn and process the movements of sign language. 3D sign databases compliment  the development of new sign-accessible technology solutions.




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KinTrans Stories


KinTrans was founded by Mohamed Elwazer in 2013 in Dubai. He was inspired to build the first automatic, machine-learning technology that can learn the movements of sign language. 

Today the HQ is in Dallas, Texas USA  since 2016.

Patent-pending in USPTO, EPO, Canada and Israel. 

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Deaf signers from around the world weighed-in on design:

  • Natural use of sign language - NO wearables, no gloves

  • Build a flexible application - so it can fit in different places, or on the mobile

  • Recognize signs when they are continuous

  • Accommodate different body types and signing styles

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After joining the startup ecosystem in Austin, Texas, KinTrans won the  1776 Challenge Cup 1 minute pitch competition for Texas in 2017. 

Also in 2017,  KinTrans was selected as one of 6 startups at the WSJ Laguna Beach TECH D.LIVE event.


KinTrans won a grant for 2018 to support projects like the image above  at Texas School for the Deaf. The grant enabled us to hire interns to build part of our ASL 3D dictionaries & conduct a Deaf user experience survey.

Additional global projects partners included use of the application in transportation, retail banking, and in health services.


Today, KinTrans Hands Can Talk is moving into a web platform  for greater ability to digitize the movements of global sign languages.

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To learn more about our 2019-2020 ASL 3D database project, please visit our Expression of Interest page


Customers & Partners

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Mohamed Elwazer, Founder/CTO

Mohamed Elwazer, from Cairo, Egypt, system architect for KinTrans' human movement & gesture recognition engine. Computer systems engineer focused in machine-learning & image processing coupled with over 10 years of technical & leadership entrepreneurial experience.

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We believe human movement is the next data frontier. Like those cognitive services that have come before such as voice, image and object recognition, the time is now for human movement.

We look forward to software being a life partner, connected to us by our movements and gestures, not clicks and commands.

Catherine Bentley, Co-founder/Biz Dev

Catherine Bentley, from Dallas, Texas, manages partnerships, new business & operations for KinTrans Inc. A seasoned business consultant in human resources, strategy and innovation for businesses and governmental entities in the US and Middle East.

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Human centered design meets machine-learning:

  • KinTrans Hands Can Talk application learns full body movements, understanding the same movements across different signers' bodies & style of signing.

  • The application uses novel predictive techniques to anticipate sign sequences.

  • The KinTrans movement recording software allows any sign language to be recorded in 3D for analysis.

  • Developers may customize sign language dictionaries on our platform

  • Currently the technology is available with standard Windows10 OS 


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